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Embedded Views from other DB's
~Ben Nimgerover 02/27/2007 05:42 PM
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Hi all,

I'm working on an application in wich I need to have 4 embedded views from different databases and these need to be filtred by the field "lm_proyecto". (When I create a new doc, the field is filled with the project name and then, i need to search all documents with the same project name and show them into their appropriate embedded view)

The code that I'm using is the following:

Path := (@LeftBack(@Subset(@DbName; - 1); "\\"));
Db := @If(Path = NULL; "DocPTDS.ntf"; Path + "\\DocPTDS.ntf");

The problem in this code is that I need the entire view filtred by "Proyecto" and this formula only show me one row of the specified column(in this case col 2)

(For entire view it means like an embedded view from the same DB)

**In the others DBs i have the views categorized by "Proyecto"

Thanks for reply!

Jaime SaldaƱa

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